Spectrum+ v9.2 Upgrade Information

Welcome to the Spectrum Plus upgrade news page. Our intention is to give you as much news about our progress as possible. Check back often for updates and new links to training and documentation. Our most current project timeline is here.


July 10, 2014

We’re well into our upgrade now.  The infrastructure for our QA environment is complete, the actual database upgrade is complete and the establishment of app servers, batch servers and report servers is underway.  We should be able to verify and use the new instance within a week.

We are evaluating and reapplying required GSU modifications to our DEV instance and have encountered no significant obstacles to meeting our October FY16 go live date.

Some of the new functionality like workgroups, query drilldowns and BI Publisher, is very exciting and we’re discussing functional opportunities with key users and planning for fit/gap sessions using Oracle consultants if possible.

Stay tuned…

April 28, 2014

Again we’ve made great strides! A second Oracle consultant has visited and, with the help of our infrastructure team, completed the installation of our “F92DEV” database instance. This is a huge milestone for the Spectrum and Grants support groups since it gives us a version of the application that includes some of our GSU customizations and also includes actual GSU data. We can now navigate through the customized parts of the application and begin developing a feel for new functionality and how we might take advantage of the new features.

We are also beginning to evaluate required changes to existing reports and queries and reapplying those changes where necessary. Our infrastructure group is designing and preparing an environment for the next iteration of our progress, the creation fo “F92QA”.

April 7, 2014

We’ve made significant progress in the last month! An Oracle consultant has visited and, with the help of our infrastructure team, completed the installation of our “DEMO” database. This is a significant acheivement in that it gives us access to the new version 9.2 FSCM application. Even though this is a “Vanilla” version of the application (meaning none of our GSU customized application is present) we can still experiment. We can navigate through the application, get used to the new menu structrures and the new look and feel of the application. We can develop a useful baseline of experience and build on that as we create new instances and reapply some of our customizations.

By “We” I mean the entire spectrum user community since we’ve created a userid/password (GUEST/GUEST) that allows access to most to the functionality available. You’re encouraged to log on and experiment. Please send us your questions and comments about the experience. We’d like to know.