Our Services

The Spectrum Office is responsible for the support and maintenance of three administrative software applications, PeopleSoft Financials (version 9.2), ADP (Human Resources Management System) and Panther Mart (SciQuest e-procurement system). All systems are web-based. These applications are used to enhance the University’s business processes, provide summarized and detailed data that is easily accessible through inquiries, queries and reports, and maintain a reliable and secure database.

The Financials System, better known as ‘Spectrum Plus’, consists of the General Ledger, Commitment Control, Accounts Payables, Asset Management and Purchasing modules. ADP (Automated Data Processing) is comprised of Employee Self Service (ESS), EV5, and eTime applications and Panther Mart consists of Higher Markets and Total Supplier Management.

Our primary services include System Support and Maintenance, Training and Security/Workflow Access.

System Support and Maintenance

The Spectrum Office supports the administrative systems and the University community in several ways. Some of our job duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Perform 2nd tier software and data error resolution
  • Troubleshoot Spectrum, Panther Mart, ESS, EV5 and eTime data errors
  • Perform software testing for applications, GSU modifications, interfaces and setup & configuration changes
  • Maintain interface between EV5 and other campus systems (i.e. person registry, financial aid, etc.)
  • Maintain interface between Spectrum, Panther Mart and other campus systems (i.e. person registry, financial aid, etc.)
  • Open, Track and Resolve Help Tickets submitted by users
  • Work with Shared Services representatives to resolve problems
  • Work as a liaison between users and the technical team to resolve issues
  • Maintain Data Integrity between tables and ledgers
  • Develop reports and complex queries for user
  • Evaluate business processes and recommend business process improvements
  • Assess new data needs and requirements



The Spectrum Office offers several regular instructor-led (hands-on) financial and Panther Mart classes, open classroom support, on-line training guides and quick references. Employees are educated and trained in the Panther Mart Requestor, Payment Request, Travel , general ledger, commitment control and asset management modules so that they can perform their job duties effectively. Currently, instructor-led classes and open classroom support are held every other month. The class times range from 2 hours – 4 hours. Most classes will seat up to 20 participants. For additional information on class schedules, class descriptions and registration, please click here.

In addition to the financials training, we develop and deliver manager level training and employee level training in ADP (Human Resource System) to facilitate hiring employees, terminating employees, updating employee benefits, managing time sheets and leave requests and general navigation through EV5, ESS, and eTime systems. For additional information on class schedules, contact the Spectrum Team at Spectrum_Team@gsu.edu.

Security/Workflow Access

We administer PeopleSoft Financials security access and workflow access to employees and/or affiliates of the University. Employees are assigned roles based upon the tasks they will need to perform in the financial system and Panther Mart (i.e. process invoices, payment requests, employee & non-employee reimbursements using vouchers, procure goods and services, manage budget using online inquiries and reports, etc). To obtain access, a request must be completed and must have the appropriate signature approvals prior to access being granted.

Also, the Spectrum Office sets up and maintains Department and Project Workflow.  Workflow is the online approval routing for transactions such as purchase requisitions, payment requests, travel authorizations and general ledger journals. Workflow approval enables these transactions that are initiated by Requestors/End Users, to be routed through the system to pre-defined Approvers. Employees can be assigned a 1st or 2nd level of approval for department workflow or assigned a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of approval for project workflow. A workflow request must be completed and must have the appropriate signatures before employees are assigned a level of approval.

We administer ADP security and workflow through the Shared Services Center. Please visit the HR website for additional information on ADP and Shared Services, http://www.gsu.edu/hr/adp.html.