Campus Rollout Team

The Campus Rollout Team is comprised of representatives from the colleges and vice presidential units, as well as members of the Spectrum System office. The team’s current responsibilities include: developing a strategy of Spectrum System usage within their areas, coordinating training and communications for their areas, and acting as liaisons between their units and the Spectrum System office. Members of the Campus Rollout Team include:

College of Arts and Sciences
Mr. James Taylor, Jr.
(404) 413-5121
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Christopher Hill
(404) 413-2572
Robinson College of Business
Ms. Terri Amelio
(404) 413-7654
Research & Sponsored Programs
Mr. Gary Brennaman
(404) 413-3529
Nursing and Health Professions
Mr. Anthony Roberts
(404) 413-1087
University Library
Ms. Carmen Newton
(404) 413-2713
College of Education
Mr. Matthew Gillet
(404) 413-8102
Vice President for Development
Mr. Dale Palmer
(404) 413-3434
Institute of Public Health
Ms. Colleen Blanchard
(404) 413-1131
Public Relations & Marketing Communications
Ms. Susan Toohey Hannan
(404) 413-1430
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Ms. Denise Jenkins
(404) 413-3017
Information Systems and Technology
Mr. Kevin Lipford
(404) 413-4520
College of the Arts
Ms. Crystal Barron Maddox
(404) 413-5905
Vice President for Student Affairs / Housing
Ms. Shantavia Reid
(404) 413-1522
College of Law
Ms. Dawn Gamadanis
(404) 413-9060
Auxiliary & Support Services
Dr. Beth Jones
(404) 413-3003
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Ms. Pamela Kindred
(404) 413-3576
Facilities Management Services
Mr. Patrick Dukes
(404) 413-0765
Perimeter College
Jamie Fernandes
(678) 891-2379
Ms. Elisha Howell



The Campus Rollout Team has three primary objectives to which it is committed. They are described as follows:

System Set Up Coordination Communication
Identify users for the Spectrum System Logistical needs, such as PC upgrades and network connections User groups
Determine routings for workflows & approvals Training for Spectrum System and new procedures Open forums
Other decisions for the college/VP areas Any other training as necessary Other media